In today’s fast-paced world, consumer product safety is a priority. We think that the products we use every day are safe for us. However, there is a hidden danger lurking in many of these drug products or other products that often goes unnoticed. That hidden innocent substances can pose serious health risks if not properly managed. From plastic containers to personal care products all are most affected by extractables. In this blog we’ll equip you to understand extractables. 

What are extractables? 

Extractables are substances that releases from materials used in the manufacturing of consumer products and can migrate into the product itself. These may include chemicals, additives, solvents, and residual monomers. These are often present in the materials used to make packaging, containers, and even the products themselves and their presence is not limited to any specific type of material. They can be found in drugs, plastics, metals, paper, glass etc. It may migrate with the product during the manufacturing process, storage conditions, external factors like temperature, pH etc. Extractables can pose serious health risks such as, skin irritation, allergic reactions, hormonal disruptions, or even long-term health effects such as cancer or reproductive problems. 

Regulations and guidelines for testing extractables in consumer products. 

To ensure consumer product safety, regulatory bodies and industrial organizations have established guidelines and regulations. Before introducing to the market testing extractables is mandatory. ITC Labs play a crucial role in testing product for extractables. Testing extractables can be a complex process which requires specialized knowledge and equipment. ITC Labs is equipped with all the hi tech facilities. We provide unbiased assessments of product safety.  

ITC Labs Panchkula

Interstellar Testing Centre (ITC Labs), Panchkula has been a leader in Quality Testing for last 3 decades. Our laboratory services, regulatory guidance and supply chain assurance brings quality and safety to life. 

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