Your Challenge:

Today, there are millions of synthetic chemicals used to make pesticides, fertilizers, clothing, cosmetics, household products, electronic devices, children’s toys etc. Many of these chemicals help us live longer and more comfortable lives, but some of these highly useful chemicals are also persistent, toxic, carcinogenic and dangerous to our health and the environment. To ensure the permissible and appropriate usage and disposal of these chemicals is a big challenge for the Industry. In addition the industry is also required to manage the burden of regional and global regulatory compliance to gain market access. Chemical analysis and testing is thus vital to understand the quality and composition of chemical substances and materials that are used in products, industrial processes and manufacturing.

  • Pesticides and Insecticide (Technical & Formulations) for Agri purpose (complete as per IS specifications)
  • Bio pesticides
  • Plant extract based pesticides
  • Fertilizers (As per FCO 1985):- Chemical fertilisers, Organic manure, Bio- fertilizers
  • Fuels (Coal & Briquettes) Proximate, Ultimate & GCV Analysis
  • Chemicals & solvents for purity test
  • Products for Residual solvent tests
  • Cosmetics (chemical & Mocrobiological tests) as per IS specifications etc.

Our Solutions:

ITC labs as the leading 3rd party quality assurance partner helps clients face the regulatory compliance challenges. We have more than three decades of expertise and confidence to offer chemical testing and analysis. With our specialist industry knowledge and advanced analytical instrumentation support, we are able to deliver tailored solutions to complex problems. We offer our solutions under the accreditation of ISO 17025 (NABL), Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS), Good Laboratory Practices and other industry standards. We can also help comply with company specific Restricted Substance Lists.

Our solutions span from routine chemical testing to specialised and complex Method Validation studies. Some of the services offered include but not limited to:

Additional Services

  • RoHS/ELV/ WEEE Directive ( Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • Trimethylamine Analysis (Gaur Gum)
  • Chemicals for Leather & textile industry (SCCP, Formaldehyde, Chromium VI etc.)
  • Heavy Metals for Toys (IS 9873 part – 3)
  • Azo Dyes etc


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