India is one of the largest producers of rice in the world. Rice is a staple food, and a larger portion of the population includes rice in their daily diet. In general, rice is a primary source of energy for most of the Indian population.  

As the country of maximum rice producer, it is important to ensure that rice remains free from genetically modified organisms (GMO). It is a commitment to both quality and consumer preference. ITC Lab offers comprehensive testing procedures for the non-GMO status of rice.  

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What are GMOs? 

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose DNA has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering technology. These organisms create  combination of plant, animal, bacteria that do not occur in nature. Genetically modified organisms affects many products that we consume on daily basis and generates higher risks.  

Solution with ITC Lab 

ITC Labs employs cutting-edge technologies to detect the present genetically modified organisms in rice samples, such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). These advanced techniques allow for the identification of specific genetic markers associated with GMOs and ensures accurate and reliable results. 

Rigorous testing at ITC Lab 

ITC Lab conducts rigorous GMO testing to maintain transparency and compliance with regulatory standards. It is done at every stage of rice production from cultivation to processing. The commitment to thorough testing not only sets with quality assurance but also the growing demand for non-GMO products. 

Why choose ITC Lab? 

Choosing ITC Lab for GMO testing, ensures reliability and accuracy at every step. This assurance extends to consumers and provides them confidence that the rice they consume meets highest standards of quality and authenticity. 

ITC Labs stands as a trusted partner in the rice testing industry, ensures non-GMO status verified, Through precision testing and unwavering dedication to quality. ITC Labs continues to be a leading industry in safeguarding the integrity of rice production against genetically modified alterations. 

ITC Lab have an exceptionally qualified and experienced team for testing and analysis. We provide high tech laboratory services by employing advanced methods of testing. And strictly follows international standards and regulations. Our comprehensive portfolio includes serving clients throughout India.  

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