Textile Quality Testing

Textile industry has a dynamic world and their concern is to provide superior quality products to the end users. ITC Lab brings to you the cutting-edge textile testing services that goes beyond industry standards. We are committed to excellence and our testing procedures are done as per IS, ISO and US standards. It guarantees that your product stand out both inside and out. 

Jute Bags

Unparalleled Expertise: 

ITC Labs has an experience of over three decades in the industry and has bagged a reputation as a leader in textile testing. We at ITC Labs have state-of-the-art testing equipment, the tests are performed by a team of skilled and experienced staff who undergo continual training and up gradation of their skills, thus ensuring the highest level of consistent, reliable and accurate analysis to provide the most accurate and relevant testing methodologies and serve the needs of the industry in the best possible manner. 

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Comprehensive Testing Solutions: 

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our adherence to a wide array of international standards, including IS, ISO, and US standards. Whether it’s assessing fabric strength, colourfastness, chemical composition, Wet Testing, or Zipper Testing, ITC Labs employs a comprehensive approach to ensure every aspect of textile product meets or exceeds industry requirements. Along with this we at  ITC Lab also provide testing and inspection facilities for:

HDPE bag Testing

Leno bag Testing

Jute bag Testing

Stringent Compliance: 

ITC Lab stands out for its strict adherence to standards. Testing protocols at ITC Labs meets not only the requirements set by the regulatory bodies but often exceed them. It ensures that your products meet market expectations as well as navigate regulatory landscape seamlessly. 

In conclusion, ITC Labs stands as your partner in ensuring that your textile products are not just good but exceptional. We have team of global expertise and experience in the textiles and apparel sector. We at ITC labs recognize these difficulties and understand consumer requirement to support manufacturers and apparel brand owners on the safety and quality requirements while helping to minimize costs with our testing, inspection, certification, training, and knowledge services. Elevate your textile quality with ITC Labs and set a new benchmark for excellence in the industry. 

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