Drugs and Pharmaceutical Testing:

ITC Lab is a pioneer lab in the field of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals testing and analysis with maximum number of Government contracts under its belt from all over India. ITC Lab ensures that every drug product meets highest standards of safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance. The Quality Control processes at ITC Lab, from Raw Material to Finished product release, leaves no space for compromise.  

Rigorous testing protocols: 

ITC Lab employees are using cutting edge technologies and methods for comprehensive testing procedures. Rigorous testing protocols are implemented so that each batch meet its predefined specifications and make sure the consumer receive the pharmaceuticals that are devoid of contaminants.  

ITC Lab is approved by State Drug Controller Authority and possesses a valid Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). We at ITC Lab understands the criticality of regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical sector. And it is not merely a checkbox but also a commitment to deliver pharmaceutical products that adheres to the highest industry benchmarks. 

ITC Lab is equipped with advanced analytical techniques to determined Assay content and impurities profile as per pharmacopeia norm. So that unsafe pharmaceuticals do not take place in market. Quality control serves as a proactive approach to identify and reduce the potential risks in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.  

Services Offered by ITC Lab:

ITC Labs plays an important role in upholding the integrity of pharmaceutical brands by meeting the highest Quality Standards. Our solutions span from routine Physicochemical and Microbiological Testing to specialized in method validation studies. Some of the services offered but not limited to: 

  • Pharmacopoeia Testing 
  • Raw Material & Finished Product analysis  
  • Active Ingredients for Assays 
  • Stability Sample Analysis 
  • Impurity Profile 
  • Uniformity of content 
  • Dissolution profile 
  • Viscosity (Kinetic & Dynamic) 
  • Physical testing (Disintegration Test) 
  • Degree of Polymerization  
  • Melting point / Range 
  • Particle size distribution by Malvern-3000  
  • Microbiological Tests (TABC-TYMC and Pathogens) 
  • Bacterial Endotoxins 
  • Environmental Swab Testing 
  • Method Development and Method Validation  

To conclude, quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing at ITC labs is beyond mere compliance. It is a commitment to excellence, patient well-being, and the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry.

For more information visit at https://www.itclabs.com/ 

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