Ayurvedic and herbal medicine are two such medicines that have been practiced for thousands of years, provides natural remedies and holistic approaches to healing.

Plant and their products are an essential source for human and other living organisms for the basic requirements related with nutrition, dietary needs, medicines, fuels etc. The demand of herbal drugs seems to be increased as the sceptism against the synthetic drugs and their growing side effects. However, with no harmful side effects plant preparation are often considered useful for the treatment of less serious diseases, for the supportive treatment of chronic diseases, for treatment over long periods of time, hence search and use of plant based drugs, dietary supplements and neutraceuticals have increased in recent years. Botanists, chemists, pharmacologists are combing the Earth for natural phytochemicals and leads that they can utilized for treatment of chronic disorders.World Health Organization also documented that approx. 25 % of modern medicines used in the United states have been derived from plants and their extracts.