Accreditation serves as the guidepost to assure consumers to make informed decisions. In a world where we are constantly flooded with choices, from healthcare providers to educational institutions, it is important to have a right system to understand reputable and the questionable. It is necessary to hold such accreditations that underscores company’s commitment to deliver quality services. One such accredited industry that exemplifies the importance of accreditation is the ITC Labs. 

ITC Labs: A Trusted Name in Accreditation 

As an accredited laboratory, ITC Labs has undergone rigorous evaluation by external organizations to ensure that it meets stringent quality and performance standards. This accreditation extends to various aspects of their services, including testing, inspection, and certification. 


Why Accreditation Matters for ITC Labs and Beyond 

Unquestionable Quality: ITC Labs’ accreditation signifies that their testing and inspection processes adhere to nationally and internationally recognized standards. This assurance is particularly important in all fields like drugs and pharmaceuticals, food &feed, cosmetics, environment, infrastructure material and many more. Precise diagnostics plays critical role in each field. 

Consumer Confidence: Accreditation instills confidence and peace of mind. When consumers choose a service provider like ITC Labs, then they don’t need to worry about the results. They will receive accurate and reliable results. 

Scientific Rigor: Accreditation isn’t merely a stamp on a piece of paper; it requires continuous and strict commitment to maintain a high level of quality, precision, and accuracy in all activities to meet standards.  

Global Reach: Accreditation provides any industry a global recognition, ITC Labs is one of them. This is especially important for industries where testing results and certifications need to be accepted worldwide, such as food safety or product compliance. 

The list of certifications owned by ITC Labs are, but not limited to: 

  • BIS 
  • EHS Policy 
  • GLP 
  • ISO 14001-2015 
  • ISO9001 
  • NABL Certificateq 
  • OHSAS-2018 
  • Quality Policy 
  • NABL Certificate – Chennai 
  • FSSAI Approval 
  • ISO 9001 Certificate 
  • OHSAS 18001 Certificate 

Accreditation & Transparency at ITC Labs

In a world with uncountable choices, accreditation & transparency helps consumers navigate through the web of options by providing a solid foundation of trust and quality assurance. ITC Labs, as an accredited laboratory and showcases the deep impact that accreditation can have on an industry’s credibility and reliability. While looking for services which seeks precision and accuracy, such as laboratory testing, choosing an accredited provider lab like ITC Labs is a right decision that ensures the highest level of quality and trust.  

ITC Labs: An Accredited Lab

We at ITC Lab are equipped with highly professional team that guarantees accuracy, precision, and quality and strictly works according to regulatory guidelines. We provide services like Testing, Inspection and Certification.

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