Introduction to Microbial contamination testing

Microbial contamination testing is the key to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products. Microbial contamination of pharmaceutical products refers to the deterioration of pharmaceutical products due to the presence of objectionable microorganisms or toxic microbial metabolites such as Pathogens, Yeast and Mold, Bacteria etc. This may impact product integrity and patient safety. Patients can be exposed to pathogens or opportunistic microorganisms that has the potential to adversely affect patients taking medicines. These microorganisms can enter the pharmaceutical products at any stage from manufacturing to distribution. It must cause serious health risks to the patient and may lead to severe consequences. It Includes negative reactions, failure of treatment and spread of infections. 

Safety Measures to Follow in Microbial contamination testing:          

Microbiological quality control is an essential part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. These contaminants can be controlled by adopting robust quality control measures. To prevent microbial contamination during or after the manufacturing process and to safeguard the quality and safety of the pharmaceutical products, thorough testing of raw materials, equipment monitoring, environmental surfaces monitoring, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and proper sterilization techniques must be followed.

Microbial Contamination Testing


Currently, there are several microbiological quality control assays recommended, including growth promotion testing, microbial enumeration and detection testing as per USP <61> and <62> and antimicrobial effectiveness testing as per USP <51>. These tests are designed to determine whether a pharmaceutical product complies with an established specification for microbiological quality or demonstrates effective antimicrobial protection, respectively.   

ITC Labs is a leader in Microbial Contamination Testing:

We at ITC Labs have been a leader in Microbial contamination Testing for last 3 decades. We have well equipped Microbiology lab with dedicated testing areas for MLT, Sterility and Culture handling. We at ITC Labs are engaged in the regular testing of drug and pharmaceutical products to ensure safety of the drug product from any Microbial contamination. 

Microbiology Lab:

Microbiology Lab is regularly performing Bacterial Endotoxin Test, Microbial Limit Test, Preservative Efficacy Test, Sterility Test, Growth Promotion Test as per different Pharmacopeial Standards (IP, BP, USP).  

Microbiology Lab is actively involved in R and D by performing Method Developments and Validation / Verification studies as per various Pharmacopeial guidelines like IP, BP, USP, ChP etc.  

ITC Lab – Best Quality Testing Lab

We at ITC Labs also involve in environment and water Monitoring (Plate exposure, Swab sampling, Water sampling) on site to ensure the Microbiological quality of the air, water, and surface. 

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