Quality assurance and Compliance is important in the realm of Food and Agricultural Products. The requirement for testing food and agricultural products at each stage during its lifecycle from farm to fork has become increasingly important day by day. ITC Lab stands as the leader in the comprehensive testing of Food and Agri products. We offer one stop shop solution for clients.  

ITC Labs’ in-house set up:

We at ITC Lab provides a holistic approach as we have in-house microbiological, analytical, and chemical set up. The lab is accredited and recognized by major bodies like NABL, BIS, FSSAI, APEDA, AGMARK, ORGANIC etc. to help clients meet complex requirements that the product should meet before being placed in the market. 

Some of the services offered by ITC Lab but not limited to: 

• Quality of Food Products &Commodities as per FSSAI/BIS • Claim substantiation 

• Heavy Metals detection &quantification 

• Ingredients &Chemicals used 

• Nutritional Parameters 

• Shelf-Life studies (Accelerated &Real Time) 

• Pesticide Residues 

• Antibiotics & Antibiotic Residues 

• Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances (NOTS) 

• Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2) &Ml in Milk 

• Ochratoxins 

• Oils 

• Fatty Acid &Amino Acid Profiling etc. 

• Plant Extract Based Foods 

• Vitamin Test (Fat Soluble, Water Soluble etc) 

• Food Contact Migration Testing 

• And others as per Client/Regulatory Requirements 

Additional expert services provided by ITC Lab: 

  • Nutraceuticals Testing 
  • Dietary Foods 
  • Hygiene Audits 
  • Retail store audits 
  • Food Process Inspections 
  • Cattle Feed, Pet Foods & Veterinary Foods, and Others 

Rigorous Testing Procedure:

ITC Lab conducts rigorous testing to make sure the quality and safety of food and agricultural products with their cutting-edge technology and team of experts. Whether it is detection of heavy metals or nutritional parameters or Pesticides residue screening, ITC Lab guarantees the integrity of the products being tested. 

The integration of in-house facilities such as analytical, microbiological, and chemical testing services at ITC Lab streamlines the testing procedures, saves time and resources for clients as well as maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.  

To conclude, ITC Lab stands as a trusted partner for the testing of food and agricultural products and continues to lead the way in ensuring the products meets the highest standards of safety and excellence.  


EMAIL: [email protected],
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TEL: +91 172-2561543 / 2565825 

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