ITC Labs Chennai is delighted to announce that they are approved with Vegan Testing. In a transition era where more and more people are starting to approach the vegetarian/vegan world, for both ethical and health reasons.

Food Adulteration

The detection of contaminations from animal derivatives in vegetarian/vegan food is a major concern for industries. Because they can have a relevant impact in the reliability of vegetarian prepared food on the market. Some products when packed are labeled as “vegan,” and testing might be done to verify that the claims on the label are accurate. This food adulteration can be international (in some cases, the adulteration of foods with types of meat is used to enhance their taste and smell) or unintentional. However, it is accepted that inadvertent contamination is the most likely source of any adulteration. Unintentional adulteration could originate from shared production lines or inadequate facilities to maintain ingredient segregation.

Food testing Laboratory in Chennai

ITC labs has developed to detect vegan testing through RT-PCR with premium quality of molecular biology. So it can provide the solution for the detection of animal DNA (mammalian, fish and avian) targeting a 119 bp sequence of mitochondrial DNA 16s rRNA genes.

Real time PCR is widely accepted as robust assay for the identification and quantification of undesired contaminating ingredient species due to its high sensitivity and specificity.

Vegan testing to avoid any kind of foods that contain :

. Poultry

· Meat

· Sea foods like fish, shell fish

· Eggs

· Animal protein

· Animal derived fats and other related products.

ITC Labs as the leading third laboratory offers specialised testing services under its belt. The lab is also licensed by the FDA department under form COS – 23 for testing of cosmetics RM’s and FG. 

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