ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) and STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) water testing systems are designed to treat industrial and domestic wastewater, before discharging into the environment. In the domain of ETP and STP, to ensure the efficacy of wastewater treatment processes, it goes through a wide array of parameters. Testing of water in labs ensures the effectiveness of these plants. And makes sure the discharged water meets regulatory standards.  

Key Parameters for ETP and STP Water Testing:  

Physical attributes like pH, temperature and color/turbidity are monitored over the time to maintain the required conditions for chemical and biological reactions. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measurements examines the dissolved substances, which impacts water quality. Nitrogen and phosphorous, the nutrient concentrations, are examined because of their role in the proliferation of aquatic vegetation. On the other hand, Biological Parameters examines the different sources of contamination from human or animal waste.  

ETP & STP Water Testing

Regulatory and Compliance:  

ETPs and STPs must meet the required regulatory standards. Frequent testing ensures compliance with the certain set standards. And it further helps in maintaining the optimal performance of ETPs and STPs to safeguard public health and environmental balance. We at ITC Labs are certified with standard specifications from water testing department under EPA (ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACT) 1986.

Solutions with ITC Labs

ITC Labs operates with a well-developed quality assurance process and customer centric approach to offer a holistic solution beyond testing, inspection and certification for the products and services to its clients in India and Internationally. We have an exceptionally qualified and experienced team for testing and analysis including high tech laboratory services. Our comprehensive portfolio includes serving clients throughout pan India. 

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