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Food safety is the most important concern in today’s world. And the significant issue in food supply is presence of pesticides residue. To keep the crops safe from pests and diseases, pesticides are used. But the main concern is their residues, which may pose serious health risks. At that point of time, analytical food testing take place and ITC Labs is at the forefront of giving you surety about the safety and quality of your food.  

Why Pesticide Residue Detection is important? 

The residues from pesticides can enter our body through various sources, including agriculture and other processes. The consumption of these residues can have adverse effects on one’s health, with the symptoms ranging from mild to severe illnesses. So it is important to get the pesticides residues detected from an Accredited Lab. ITC Lab is an NABL accredited lab and adopts accurate and reliable methods to detect and quantify pesticides residues in Food and Agricultural products. 

Analytical Food Testing at ITC Labs 

ITC Lab is a leading third party laboratory and renowned name in the industry of food testing. They adopts advanced techniques such as Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, for identifying and measuring the pesticides residue with the most precision and accuracy. ITC Lab is a one stop shop solution for its clients Pan India. 

Key Analytical Techniques Used 

Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS): GC-MS is an essential technology used for analytical testing. This method is highly effective for analyzing volatile and semi volatile compounds, including many pesticides. It separates and identifies pesticides based on their mass spectra. ITC Lab have complete facility for Gas Chromatography. 

Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS): LC-MS is a technique that is used for separation, quantification and identification of known compounds. It helps in analyzing a wider range of pesticides, including non-volatile ones. It provides high sensitivity and accuracy in pesticide residue detection. 

Solution with ITC Labs 

ITC Labs is laced with an exceptionally qualified and experienced team for testing and analysis. We provide high tech laboratory services by using advanced methods of testing. Our comprehensive portfolio includes serving clients throughout pan India. We strictly follow international standards and regulations.   

To summarize, detection of pesticides residue through analytical food testing at ITC Labs plays a vital role in safeguarding food chain supply. With the team of experts and by employing advanced methods, ITC Labs helps ensure that the food we consume is free from harmful pesticide residues, contributing to a safer and healthier future. 

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