Steel & Mechanical Materials Testing


Sections made of various materials are rolled or drawn out of semi-finished goods such as billets or bars, and in many cases they are also welded from bar material. They are used in a vast number of applications, requiring a wide variety of mechanical tests. Together with the reinforcing steel and ribbed reinforcement bars (rebars) so vital to civil engineering they form a group of important structural materials, which in the case of concrete-reinforcing steel, are subject to regulatory control.

List of Material covered are as follow:-
  • Reinforcement Bars & TMT Steel as per IS 1786
  • Structural steel as ISMB, 1SMC, Plate, Beam (IS: 2026)
  • Section (I, L and channel section)
  • Cast Iron & MS pipes as per IS: 1161
  • LDPE Sheets as per IS 2508
  • Multilayer Cross laminated sheets as per IS 14611
  • Fumigation Covers
  • Aluminium Section Complete Test (IS: 733, 737)
  • Aluminium Product, Anodic Coating (IS: 1285, 5523)
  • Stainless Steel, Complete Test (IS; 6911)


TMT, TOR & Reinforcement Bar for Concrete (IS: 1786 & IS:13620)

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Mass & cross sectional area IS:1786 & IS:1608
2 Falling load /Breaking load IS:1786 & IS:1608
3 Tensile strength-UTS-N/mm2 IS:1786 & IS:1608
4 Yield stress-YS (TMT Bars) IS:1786 & IS:1608
5 0.2 % proof stress-PS (TOR) IS:1786 & IS:1608
6 Elongation Percent-5.65 AREA IS:1786 & IS:1608
7 Bend test at 180°-Std. Mandrel IS:1599
8 Re-Bend test at 157.5° & 135 IS:1786
9 Chemical analysis for C,S & P IS:228
10 Measurement for bond-TMT/TOR IS:1786 Clause 4.1 (on demand)
11 Composition of CRS TMT/Bar IS:228
12 Reduction in Area (%RA) IS:1608

Strand Wire for Prestressed Concrete (IS: 60006 & IS:14268)

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Mass, area,Lay Length & Diameter IS:14268
2 Breaking strength of strand IS:1608
3 0.2 % proof load of strand IS:1608
4 Percentage elongation at 10 % Load IS:1608
5 Chemical analysis- S & P IS:228

Sheathing Ducts-Spiral Corrugated

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Material composition IS:513
2 Zinc coating Test IS:6745

Void Former for Concrete-Spira

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Zic coating test IS:6745

Steel Binding Wire for Concrete Reinforced

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Dimensions & size IS:280
2 Tensile Strength IS:1608
3 Material composition IS:7887
4 Bend test at 90° IS:280
5 Galvanized Coating test IS:4826

Steel Welded Wire Mesh for Concrete Reinforcedcement

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Material –chemical composition IS:280
2 Quality of steel IS:432
3 Dimensions mesh size IS:1566
4 Calculated of mass IS:1566
5 Mechanical properties IS:1608
6 Elongation after fracture IS:1566
7 proof stress/Yield IS:1608
8 Ultimate tensile stress IS:1608
9 Bend – reverse on mandrel IS:1716

Mild Steel Structural Steel Section

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Dimensions mass size IS:808
2 Tensile Strength IS:1608
3 Yield stress IS:1608
4 Percentage elongation IS:1608
5 Reduction in area IS:1608
6 Bend test on specimen at 180° IS:1599
7 Chemical test C,SI,Mn,S,P,CE IS:288
8 Micro Alloying Elements-Ni, Cr & Cu IS:288
9 Hardness test on specimen IS:1586
10 Mass/thickness of Zinc Coating IS:6745

LDPE (IS: 2508-2016)

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Melt Flow Index IS:13360(P-4/Sec1)
2 Carbon black content,% IS:2530
3 Carbon black dispersion IS:2530
4 Ash content,% IS:13360(P-8/Sec8)
5 Thickness Annex A
6 Tensile strength,Kg/cm2 IS:13360(P-5/Sec1) and IS:13360(P-5/Sec3)
7 Aging test IS:7016(P-8)
8 Elongation,% IS:13360(P-5/Sec1) and IS:13360(P-5/Sec3)
9 Dart impact strength IS:13360(P-3/Sec6)
10 Tear resistance Annex B
11 Puncture resistance Annex C

Multilayered cross laminated sheets and Tarpaulins/covers (IS: 14611-1998)

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Total mass/m2 IS:7016(P-1)
2 Tensile strength,Kg/cm2 IS:2508-2016
3 Aging test IS:7016(P-8)
4 Elongation,% IS:2508-2016
5 Tear Strength Annex E
6 Dart impact strength IS:2508-2016
7 Water proofness Test IS:7016(P-7)
8 Strength of joints/seams Annex B
9 Flex Test IS:7016(P-4 & P-8)

Thermoplastics Fumigation Covers (IS: 13217-1991)

SI. Test Parameter Test method
1 Tensile strength,Kg/cm2 IS:276, IS:2508 & IS:7016
2 Aging test IS:7016(P-8)
3 Breaking strength,Kg/5cm IS:7016(P-2)
4 Bursting strength,Kg/cm2 IS:7016(P-6)
5 Loss of plasticizers, percent by mass Annex E
6 GSM IS:1964
7 Mass of the cover IS:13217
8 Fumigation retention test Annex-B
9 Water proofness Test IS:7016(P-7)
10 Strength of joints/seams Annex C
11 Blocking test IS:7016(P-9)
12 Flex Test IS:7016(P-4 & P-8)

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