Soil Testing

It is the uppermost layer of earth’s crust. It is typically black or dark brown in color consisting of organic matter, silt, rock particles, clay etc. and certain living organisms that together constitute life on earth.

It helps in growth of flora, stores underground water and is the habitat to many living beings. So it is very necessary to maintain the quality of soil and prevent soil pollution. Better the quality of soil, better will be the crop production. There by improving the health and economy of the country.

Soil Testing
Parameters to be covered at ITC Labs:-
  • pH, Electrical Conductivity, Sodium, Potassium, Organic Matter, Chloride, Sulphate.
  • MACRO NUTRIENT (Sodium as Na, Chloride as Cl, Potassium as K, Calcium as Ca,Phosphorous as P, Magnesium as Mg, Sulphur as S)
  • MICRO NUTRIENT (Zinc as Zn, Iron as Fe, Selenium as Se, Copper as Cu, Manganese as Mn, Fluoride as F, Chromium as Cr, Molybdenum as Mo, Nickel as Ni, Silicon as S)