Noise Monitoring

Any unpleasant, unwanted sound is defined as noise. Sound and noise are indistinguishable as both sound and noise travel through material medium. The difference can be noticed where the brain perceives the sound!

If the propagation of this sound has a harmful effect on the activity of human or animal life, It is known to cause noise pollution. Regular exposure to elevated sound may lead to permanent deafness, heart attack and various other health issues. Sound is measured by the unit Decibel. Sound levels above 120 Decibel cause irritation and discomfort to the ears.

Guidelines available with ITC Labs

Noise is further categorized and measured as per guidelines of EPA-1986:
  • Ambient Noise
  • Source Noise
  • Ambient Noise -Noise Level, Leq dB (A)
  • Work Zone Noise -Noise Level, Leq dB (A)
  • DG Set Noise -Efficiency of Acoustic Enclosure by measuring insertion loss
  • Personal Noise (Noise Dose)