Antioxidant Activity


Antioxidant expressed as a substance which have ability to delay or inhibit oxidation of oxidizable substrate by neutrilizing free radicals, released as unwanted by- product continously during the essential aerobic metabolism. Free radical automatically generates in catabolic rections are deactivated by antioxidants present in our diets. Antioxidants are necessary but required in very small quantity and acts like inhibitor of oxidation process. Plant parts which are commonly rich in tannins, alkaloids, phenolic compounds such as phenolic acid, flavonoids, stilbenes, lignins and lignans, coumarins have multiple biological effects including antioxidant activity.Antioxidants used for prevention and treatment of various complex diseases like stroke,heart and cardiovascular problems, diabetes etc.

ITC Labs capabilities

ITC Labs have complete facility for estimating Antioxidant activity of herbal product by DPPH method, Nitric oxide scavenging method, Ferric chloride reducing method.and reported in terms of IC 50 value.