Technical Pesticides And Formulations

The biological activity of a pesticide, be it chemical or biological in nature, is determined by its active ingredient (AI – also called the active substance. Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests, including weeds. The term pesticide includes all of the following: herbicide, nematicide, molluscicide, piscicide,avicide,rodenticide,bactericide,insect repellant,animal repellant,antimicrobial, fungicide The most common of these are herbicides which account for approximately 80% of all pesticide use . Most pesticides are intended to serve as plant protection products (also known as crop protection products), which in general, protect plants from weeds, fungi, or insects.. Pesticide formulations commonly used in agricultural works are listed.

Water-miscible formulations

By far the most frequently used products are formulations for mixing with water then applying as sprays. Water miscible, older formulations include:

  • EC Emulsifiable concentrate
  • WP wettable powders
  • SL Soluble (liquid) concentrate
  • SP Soluble powder

Newer, non-powdery formulations with reduced or no use of hazardous solvents and improved stability include:

  • SC Suspension concentrate
  • CS Capsule suspensions
  • WG Water dispersible granules

ITC Labs capabilities

We provide complete one centre solution for the testing of pesticide formulations as per BIS specifications like active ingredient, flash point, suspensibility,sieve analysis, wettability, acidity, alkalinity, moisture %, dust material,emulsion stability, pourability, Dispersonetc. Sophisticated instruments involved in testing are HPLC-UV, HPLC-FLD and GC-FID.Details of listed pesticides in BIS scope are available on BIS official site.