Is your water safe?

Water is a colorless, odorless and tasteless substance and is one of the main constituents of water bodies on earth and also found in all living cells be it plant, animal or microbe. All creatures need water to survive on earth. Apart from drinking it is also used in other day to day activities. So it’s very important to maintain the quality of water we drink and that we use to cook food.

Urbanization is bringing about new challenges in terms of water supply, quality maintenance and further processing of the water. Technology providers need a highly sustainable, economical and feasible way to maintain high quality water standards.

The quality of water simplifies whether its consumed safely or not, therefore it needs to be tested before used. So here we are at your doorsteps providing you one of the best services in terms of water testing and its quality maintenance!

ITC Labs Services at a Glance:

  • On-Site Sampling of Water
  • Consultancy in setting up Water plants
  • Water testing as per various Local and International Standards
  • Undertaking of Government Projects
  • Vendors Specific testing
  • Research and Development purposes
  • Training on Water Testing

Testing as per Specific Standards:

  • Drinking Water (WHO, EPA, EU, IS:10500 -2012)
  • Packaged drinking water (IS 14543- 2016)
  • Natural Mineral water (IS :13428-2005)
  • Dialysis water (AAMI-2000)
  • Industrial Process water (IS: 4251: 1967)
  • Water for Construction use (IS 456:2000)
  • Swimming Pool water (IS : 3328-1993)
  • Reagent Grade water (IS: 1070: 1992)
  • Effluent water
  • Sewage Water

ITC Labs Capabilities :

  • Physical Parameters
  • Analytical Parameters
  • Analytical Parameters


  • Economical Services.
  • Water Quality maintenance.
  • Output delivered in committed timeframe.
  • Lowers the risk of water borne diseases through water quality maintenance.
  • Acquire a competitive edge by complying as per Local and international legal requirements.
  • Experience global support by following the latest trends in water sector and providing apt knowledge in all key markets.
  • Technical expertise helps you for potential future regulations.
  • Best Quality training that helps to seek employment in analytical sector.
  • Best Technical Staff for Analysis of Water.