Apparel Quality Assurance Services


For apparel manufacturers and retailers, having a trusted brand with loyal consumers making repeat purchases is essential to achieving success in the highly competitive fashion industry.

ITC Labs offers apparel Total Quality Assurance services for all categories of clothing, sleep wear, outerwear, hosiery, leathergoods, accessories.

Services :- We help ensure our customers meet consumer demand for high quality, minimize reputational risk and protect the interests of retailers, brands, textile manufacturers.

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Fiber Identification – Every Country who importing apparel and soft home furnishing products require fiber identification labels where ITC Labs indicates the Fiber analysis, Type and percentage to comply with norms.

Chemical Textile Testing – ITC Labs provides a ample range of Chemical testing services targeting environmental protection & consumer health and safety.

    • AP/APEO
    • Banned Azo Colorants and Ozone Depleting Chemicals
    • Heavy Metal, Pesticide Residues
    • Formaldehyde Content
    • Nickel Content

Performance Testing –

 ITC Labs offers a variety of tests meeting specific performance standards related to consumer end use of textile products, including:

    • Dimensional stability to washing
    • Dimensional stability to dry cleaning
    • Colorfastness to light
    • Color Fastness to crocking (rubbing)
    • Color Fastness to washing,
    • Color Fastness to bleaching
    • Physical tests – Strength, abrasion, pilling resistance
    • Chemical Tests – Finish analysis and pH

ITC Labs

ITC Labs textile and fiber testing services help you meet the regulatory requirements for a wide range of finished products, materials and components.

We give you confidence that the material you purchase has the right quality and fiber content. Our expertise & experienced fiber analysts are able to identify the different textile fibers to perform this analysis; our experts employ high resolution microscopes

Flammability Testing – ITC Labs offers a variety of tests meeting Regulations for upholstery, rugs and carpets where standards/Regulatory to be followed.

We also comply with national and international regulatory requirements; including CPSIA & REACH we ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of your products.