Antimicrobial Activity


From ancient times plants utilized as healing or curing agent in traditional medicines for various infectious diseases and are important part of medication system. Antimicrobial activites of plants are due to presence of natural phytochemicals like tannins, flavonoids, saponins, isoflavonoids,polyphenols etc. and they are mainly related with odouriferous and aromatic plants. Phytochemicals present in plants are an important part of their natural defence system, due to bitterness and astringency they acts as insecticides and pisicides. Several research and studies have also indicated about the importance of new natural bio-active phytochemicals and antimicrobial properties of plants against multi-drug resistant bacteria.

ITC Labs capabilities

ITC Labs have completely equipped with well educated staff microbiological lab for the testing of Antimicrobial activites and minimum inhibition concentration on various bacterial and fungal pathogenic strains.