Agriculture & Chemicals Products

Agricultural & Chemicals Testing help farmers to collect the right data and providing insight into soil and crop health, fertilisation, feed value and food safety. As leading laboratory in the agricultural sector we provide innovative analyses and clear, case-specific advice, to help you manage your production process. ITC Labs wants to serve farmers who devotes himself with heart and soul to his farm and who feels a deep connection and responsibility for the environment. In a competitive global industry, it is critical to have accurate and specific data to ensure optimal crops while minimizing your environmental footprint.

The introduction of chemicals in farming got many delirious at the sight of what they could accomplish. Yields exploded. At the start, the soil was healthy. Any damage brought about by chemical fertilizers was hardly noticeable. Pests had not developed resistance to the chemicals. The technology spread across the world as it was considered the revolution in agriculture. Flash forward to today, and many people are marveling at organic farming again. This is after learning that conventional farming methods come with a host of problems including health related diseases like cancer, pollution, degradation of soil and water, and impact on domestic animals.

Orgainc farming is a technique, which involves cultivation of plants and rearing of animals in natural ways. This process involves the use of biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility and ecological balance thereby minimizing plooution and wastage. In other words, organic farming is a farming method that involves growing and nurturing crops without the use of synthetic based fertilizers and pesticides.

As a growing, international organisation with almost 30 years of experience, we offer innovative solutions to current agricultural needs. Our innovative products and services are the result of everyday, practical knowledge supported by scientific research.

  • Complete analysis of pesticides and formulations as per BIS specifications for Licensing
  • Complete analysis of Fertilizers as per FCO act